Basics of choosing a university

Choosing a right collage might be a very challenging task. The possibilities are almost infinite, beside it is not only the level of education you must be aware of, but also other criteria such as social aspects, economical benefits, location etc. These factors can also influence the education itself and also make studying more convenient.

Actually criteria for choosing the right university are very different to many potential students so before making your choice you should identify basic criteria just for you. For example, location is very variable criteria in finnish (pikalaina). Some people are willing to go far away from their hometown and be independent, but others want to look for university which is located as close as possible. Also financial situation for potential students differs a lot, so for some the main criteria might be coast, but for others something else. However, there are some basic things everyone should evaluate before choosing a university.

First criteria in any case should be the availability of your chosen study program and the education level. There might be many universities near by which provides students with the same study programs, but you must choose the one which offers better education. That means the university which have some achievements, and which diplomas are useful and appreciated. That is what you should go for in the first place, because there is no sense in studying if you won’t work in your profession or will hate your job, but sometimes that is not possible because of other factors.

For example, money is usually a huge obstacle for getting high quality higher education. If there is nothing you can do about it, than you have to settle with what you got. Still, you shouldn’t study something that you doesn’t like, just because it is cheaper, because there won’t be any gaining from that. It will be just a waste of money and time in finnish (lainaa ilman luottotietoja). If you cannot afford the education you want, than better wait and save some money, but if you have more than just one option for universities that provide everything you want, then the financial aspect might determinate your choice.

Location, unlike financial situation, is something that you can choose, so this criteria is more flexible. Of course, there might be a situation when location determinate everything, because in some cases it is impossible to find appropriate university anywhere in the country, but still if you are really willing to master it, also studying abroad shouldn’t be an obstacle. Location that you like is more a benefit not not an actual criteria, because it should be about education not the environments.

So basically, it is about the education and everything else should be just advantages or disadvantages. You should understand what you like and what you want to do in your life. Only then you will be able to choose the right program. All the further evaluation can be based on the criteria mentioned above. For example, if there are two universities that provide the same program and about in the same educational level, you can choose the one who is cheaper, in better location and better by other criteria you can think of. Just don’t base your main choice on something else but education.

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