Benefits of continuing education

Most of the people consider that education is meant only for young people. In most common cases people just finish secondary school and maybe the university as well, but that is it. They doesn’t want to continue educating after they get the job because they take out loans (In Spanish – credito rapido) and fon’t want to do anything as well as, because they think that life is already settled. Actually there are lot of benefits of continuing education.

First of all continuing education can help to get a promotion. If you keep studying the same field in which you are working right now, there is a huge possibility to qualify for a better job. Even if you are a great worker and do all your duties great, in lot of cases there is no possibilities to get a promotion because your qualification is not high enough. If you doesn’t want to do the same job all your life, but build your career, than keep educating until you have reached the results you have always wished for.

Also it can increase our marketability. If you choose to study something completely new for you, you can make yourself educated in many fields. That means you will be appreciated in job market. There will be a lot of jobs to choose from and if you ever get tired of your present job, you can tray to work in other field.

If you love your job and you are not willing to change anything about it, continuing education can still give some benefits. You can improve the skills you must use in your present job as well. You can become a better worker and maybe even ask for a raise, because you will be more useful for the employer. It is always nice to know you are irreparable and useful worker.

Continuing education can also develop skills and knowledge that is not only needed for job and career, but also for life in general. School or university doesn’t provide only basic information to master the programs, but also gives you some valuable experience that will help in other fields of life. For example, you can learn how to communicate with others, how to work in a team, how to deal with deadlines and plan your time etc.

Extra education also can higher your social status. People with higher education are considered as more intelligent. Maybe that is not important aspect for lot of the people, because social status doesn’t give any real benefits, it still matters, because there are lot of institutions who appreciates that and will be more open to you.

And the last, but not least is the opportunity to meet the right people. University professors usually are professionals in the certain field and can help you to get a job or even develop your business. Also other students can sometimes help to get a good job or give valuable advice. It is always useful to know someone who has experience and connections.

So if you want to consummate yourself all the time, not just acquiesce of what you have right now, you should consider to go beck to school. If you doesn’t have time and money to go to university, at least try some educational seminars or courses.

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