Can student failure be the teacher’s fault?

When student is failing at school it is usually considered as a consequence of disinclination of studies or weak metal ability. Basically, it its always kid’s fault, because he is either not willing or not able to study, but then again, there are many situations when kid is failing at only one or two subjects. So, why is he able to learn other subjects well or maybe even outstanding? Many times, it can be also teacher’s fault anywhere. Here are some of mistakes teachers often make in teaching process that can cause the failure of the student.

Wrong teaching methods

The most common mistake is the choice of wrong teaching methods. People gave very different types of perception. One better remembers everything he sees, one everything he hears and other everything he does and have experienced. If there is only one way of perception pleased, for example, there is only verbal information and no images used, only one part of the kids will be able to learn everything. There should be variety of teaching methods used to make sure each and every kid can learn.

Lack of competence

Also, teacher can have a lack of competence to teach certain subject. Teacher must be knowledgeable in each and every topic and detail he’s talking about. If it’s not so, teacher is not suitable for teaching. That is not too common problem, because teachers must go through accreditation, but sometimes this kind of problem appears, especially in smaller country schools, where is lack of teachers.

Not teaching for all learning levels

A lot more common problem is concentrating only on the smart kids or not teaching all learning levels. Some can learn specific subject or topic faster than others and if the teacher checks the progress only by those who understand everything, there is no chance for others to get on the same level with them. They haven’t mastered the basics, but teacher is moving forward anyway. If this is the case, usually one class is divided into two parts – the ones who get everything and the ones who fail. There’s no in-between.

Personal disaffection

The cause of bad grades sometimes doesn’t mean that your kid is actually failing, because the teacher just might want him to fail. There might be personal disaffection towards certain students. Usually it is caused by bad behavior of the student, but just because his behavior is bad, doesn’t men teacher can give wore grades than he deserves. There are other methods how teacher should fight against unacceptable behavior, however, sometimes this disaffection is caused by something else, for example social status of the kid.

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