Should higher education be for free?

It is common situation when people are not able to get the higher education just because of their financial situation. Even if the achievements in secondary school were good enough to get into any university, the dream of higher education stops when it comes to paying for it. The only option then is to take the student loan, but that is risky and also not always available, so many smart and talented people are forced to work simple jobs. That means there is something wrong with this system.

The coast of higher education is different in many countries and schools, but in most of the cases the cost for one year of studies is higher that minimum wage. That means it is almost impossible for lower and middle class people to save money for their children education and also it is impossible for student to cover the cost if he works while studying.

That is why many people are forced to take loans at very young age without any guarantee they will be able to give it back. Theoretically student loans are specially designed to students needs. That means student loans must be paid only few years after graduating, but nowadays it is very hard to have well-paid job right after graduating. So practically is lot of cases this system is not working and person can become insolvent, just because he wanted to have higher education and better future.

That seems very unfair. People who really are willing to study are not able to do that. Maybe someone who was great in exact sciences at school now is working as a waiter, just because he didn’t have a chance to use his knowledge and strong mind in the real life. So we could all agree that higher education should be free of charge or at least for reasonable costs, but it is not all that simple.

If students won’t pay, where the money will come from? Universities claim that it is not possible to lower the coast of higher education, because of the high expenses of providing it. Good professors won’t work for free; beside there is need for modern classrooms and equipment, because it is impossible to provide quality education with outdated teaching materials. So with the coast of education, students just cover the expenses of it.

Also the governments are usually not able to do anything about the higher educational system. To provide fully free higher education, there should be some serious budget reallocation needed and then there won’t be enough of money for other important scopes.

So on the one hand, there really is something wrong with higher education system, because it is available only to wealthy people, and the opportunities to study is not based on intelligence or other abilities. On the other hand, there is no one who could support higher education beside students. It is a service that no one will give for free. As long as someone won’t come up with good ideas how to noticeably reduce the costs of providing the higher education, it won’t be possible to offer it for fee, no matter how unfair it seems.

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