Is higher education worth it?

As we all know, higher education is very expensive, beside it takes several years of your life to finish any university. People invest so much in higher education, although they are not totally sure it will ever pay off. There are no guarantees that university diploma will actually help to get a good job and earn a lot of money. That is why many people nowadays choose to quit studying after graduating from secondary school. Is that the right choice or higher education is still worth it? Or peole still need to take out loans (imprumut rapid) to educate themselves?

Researches shows that people with higher education really earns more money in most of the cases. There are different versions about how much more exactly people with higher education earns, but it is pretty clear that in average university graduates have a better financial situation after graduating and getting a job. That is obvious, because there are many positions that requires for higher education. For example, no one will be able to become a doctor with secondary school diploma. Actually most of the well payed professions are meant only for university graduates, however there are also lot of other well paid professions that doesn’t ask for higher education, beside sometimes it is possible to get a good job because of work experience, not education.

Not having a higher education doesn’t automatically mean you will not succeed in life. There are even many businessman, who have earned millions despite the lack of higher education. If you know what you want in your life and you also know how to get it, higher education is not always an obligation. For example, you can prove yourself, starting form the bottom. Good, responsible workers are always highly appreciated and that can give you even more than any kind of diploma.

Also, there is no guarantee that higher education will give you the job you want. If you study something very specific which will give you a chance to work in certain professions and there are many free spots in a labor market, you will probably get the job, but otherwise you might end up working in a very simple low payed job which is not even connected to your study program. If the competition in labor market is tough, only few of the all graduates will get a job.

And even if the graduate gets a good job, it doesn’t mean he will gain a lot. Higher education costs huge amounts of money. Graduates succeed only if they can pay all the money back and still earn more than those who doesn’t have a higher education. Paying for studies is sort of investment in your future, so you must get a real gaining from that.

As there are so many disadvantages of getting higher education mentioned above, you might think this is a call to not study in university, but actually it just shows the real situation. From all of this information we can conclude that higher education is worth it, only if you really know what you want and if you know that there will be some free spots for you in the labor market. If you want to study just to get a higher education in any field, hoping it will make you more attractive to employers at any job, than you are wrong. The most important factor for success is understanding what you want to do in your life.

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