What is informal education and why does it matters?

When there is a discussion about education methods, people usually think only of formal education. Most of the people think that only schools and other education institutions can educate and provide knowledge kviklån, but actually there is also informal education which is as important as formal one. In this article you will find out what exactly is informal education and why is it so important?

Basically informal education is education that goes outside of a standard school setting. In simple words, it is learning from life and its processes. It can be either something we learn from others or something we learn by ourselves. For example, is friends are teaching you how to cook, its informal education, but also if you buy a cookery book and learn it only by yourself, it’s still informal education. Every project that is not brought by official education institution can be considered as informal education.

Informal education also can be implemented in formal education. For example, if teacher gives an option to watch a movie, without any further discussion and evaluation, it can be considered as informal education. It is not a part of study program and it is not an obligation for all the students, but if teacher thinks that students can actually learn something from it, it is a great education method.

Unlike formal education, informal education is not being evaluated. There are no tests, no exams and no grades. Also there is no diploma or certificate that proves you have learned all of that. It is an optional choice that gives only skills and knowledge, not official proofs that you have acquired the specific project. Because there are no actual proofs of informal education, many people consider it as irrelevant – as you can’t lån penge trods rki use it as an actual ability, if you can’t prove it with necessary papers. Actually informal education really does matters for many reasons.

First of all, it is an investment in yourself. Even if you can prove that you have certain skills and knowledge, you still have it and that is a lot. It is something you will have for the rest of your life and there is no doubt that you will have a chance to use your skills and knowledge. The more you know the richer you are, so even just the consciousness that you know something and you are able to do something is worthless.

Second of all, nowadays also informal education can be included in curriculum vitae. Even if you haven’t study the certain subject officially and you do not have any papers, you can write it in your curriculum vitae. Although, not all of the employers appreciate this kind of education, many still does and consider informal education as every other education method.

So education is not just everything we learn at school. It can also be life experience or self-educating process that makes you smarter. Informal education, just like any other education should be taken seriously, because it is the knowledge that matters, not the paper.

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