What kindergarteners should know before school?

One of the biggest issues in education is the huge jump from kindergarten to school. In kindergarten, it is all about fun and games, but in school the children must study really hard every day. Many children aren’t prepared for the classroom and that can be really frustrating for both, children and his parents. To make sure your children is ready for the first grade, parents together with kindergarten teacher should teach the children following skills.

1. How to take care of the themselves

The first skill every child must know when entering the school is, how to take care of himself. That is the biggest difference between school and kindergarten – there will be no one who takes care of the children. Teacher is there to teach not button up the coats and tie the shoe laces so every student should know the basics of self-care before school. Although this is not a skill that will be asked in the tests, it is very important for dealing with school life.

2. Telling stories

The children in such an early age doesn’t need to know how to read or write, but verbal communication is needed when entering the first grade. The basic ability to communicate thoughts and feelings through words is important for both, everyday communication with teachers and classmates, and study process. It will be a lot harder for a child to learn other ways of communication and also language itself if he won’t have this ability, so make sure you child knows how to speak fluently and can express his thoughts in words.

3. Count to ten

The biggest mistake every parent make is not teaching the children numbers before school age. They think it’s the teacher’s job. It really is so, but it will be a lot easier for your child if he will already know some basics. The jump from kindergarten to the first grade is huge. The children suddenly are overloaded with information. It is very hard for a child, so if he knows some basics already, the further studying process will be lot more pleasant.

4. Letters on the alphabet

It’s the same with letters as numbers. It is not an obligation for parents or kindergarten teacher to teach children the letters, but it is easier to study gradually. If the children don’t know any letters, he will must learn all the letters, and also how to create words, write and read in one study year. It would be a lot better if the children would already know the letters and then the further studying process will be a lot easier.

5. Their personal information

Another thing that every first-grade student must know is his personal information such as home address and parents’ phone numbers. This information is crucial to know in case an emergency arises. Also, the child should know how to spell and write his own name, because that is the basic thing that is required for most of the schools.

6. Know the shapes and colors

Another thing that is required is to know colors and shapes, and. At school, no one will teach that. It is a thing that child should learn from their parents or form the kindergarten teacher. If in kindergarten these things are not being touched than parents must be the teachers for their child. It is really not complicated to teach these basic things, it only takes some time.

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