Should it be possible to choose the study subjects staring from the elementary school?

Lately there have been many serious discussions about the quality of the modern education system. The biggest issue is that students are forced to study subjects they doesn’t like and they are not good at. At the university anyone can choose what to study on the bases of their interests, talents and strengths, but at the elementary school and secondary school there is very small or no chance to choose the content of the education. So should there be a chance to choose the study subjects to learn from the very first school year?

The proponents of the idea claims that everybody is not alike. Some students are great at human sciences, some are better at exact sciences, but some are free minded artists. There should be a chance to work on each children’s talents not to force them all do the same tasks and measure by the same criteria. No one should be criticized because he cannot do something he’s not good at, because there defiantly are some other fields where he is great.

Also forcing to learn everything makes huge load for students. Elementary school students usually spent more than eight hours at school. That is more than time grownups spend at work. Children heads are stuffed with everything at once and they are no able to deal with it. It disturbs them to focus on the subjects they like, because they have to spend a lot of time learning subjects they hate and they are not good at.

On the other hand there are some disadvantages to this idea as well. One of the biggest concerns is that students on such a young age doesn’t know what they want yet and they haven’t discovered their talents yet. There will be no chance for them to understand what they like and what they want if they have to choose few subjects at the very beginning. Maybe someone will understand that he made a mistake as a child and it will be too late to change something.

Another concern is that children will choose only the easiest subjects such as physical education, arts, music etc. No one will be willing to study math, biology, physics and other hard sciences even if they are talented and strong in this field. Children are willing to play and have fun not to actually learn. Of course the final world will have the parents, but still, there will be a less chance to discover talents in hard sciences.

So should there be a chance to choose subjects to study since elementary school? Yes, but not all of them and from specific age. Everyone should study the main subjects such as math, languages, biology, physics etc., at least in first grades. When students understand what they like and what they are good at, they could focus more on the subjects they have chosen, but still study the basics of the most important subjects.

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