Is private school worth the money?

Private schools are considered to be very prestigious, but they are also very expensive. At the same time public schools are totally free of charge, so is it really worth to spend so much money on your children’s overall education? Lot of parents really believes that it is a good investment into child future, but before sending your children to private school, there are some things to consider.

The factors that attract parents the most are smaller size of classes, better teachers and higher academics. Most of the private schools really provide all of this, so theoretically it is possible to learn more, but there are also a lot of good public schools. Actually, if we compare student’s achievements in public and private schools, there is no clear superiority over one of them. There are good private schools and good public schools as well, so before choosing a private school, take a closer look at school ranks. Maybe you can find something even better among public schools.

Next thing to think about is the location of the school. There is a lot less private schools than public schools, so be prepared that appropriate private school might be located many miles away from your home. That means you will also need of transport or accommodation for your child. If there are some good public schools nearby, take a closer look also at them. Maybe student from these public schools even have some better academic results that students from private schools.

Also think of other things beside academics. School is not just a place where your child will have education. It is also a place where to socialize. As there are smaller classes in private schools and students come from remote places, there is a lot smaller chance that your child will be able to make some friends. Also it is better if your child meets all kind of people. It will help to expand horizons and learn more about real life.

Also think of the coasts. Even if you can afford it, think if you really should. There are so much other ways how to support your child with this money. The costs of private schools usually are close to costs of collages. Those are several thousands in a year. Maybe it is worth to send your child in public school and provide an opportunity for him to attend some very good summer school with special educational program. Usually children learn a lot more in that kind of schools, because there is interactive education program.

In the conclusion we can say that many private schools are in the same level of academic results as best public schools. There are some exeptions, but in general they don’t differ that much. So it really is more about prestige, not the level of education. If you think it is worth to pay the money for the prestige, than you can choose private school.

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