Is suspending students from school a good punishment?

Every student needs to comply with the rules of education institution otherwise there can be a punishment applied. Suspending students from school is one of the most common forms of discipline. That means the student is not allowed to attend the education institution for certain period of time. This way of punishment has been widely debated in recent history. On one hand, it really can make student think about his actions, but on the other hand, it prevents a chance to get a proper education. It can cause learning deficits that can impact the student’s continued success in life. Should suspending be used as punishment and what are alternatives? For more information, click here.

The objective of suspending basically is not letting the student get proper education. Of course, it is usually not put in that way. Schools and responsible institutions which allows this kind of punishment claims that it can make student think of what he has done and how that can affect his future. If student has ever been suspended, it might be a reason for not getting into the collage or not finishing the school. Of course, that might scare the student and he might start to think about his actions, but what if not? What is this punishment really impact the student’s continued success in life? Can school even do that to a student?

Also, we must understand that suspending doesn’t affect only student itself. It also impacts his parents, teacher and classmates. For example, if student is not able to attend the school, his parents must look for other education options and daycare. It is very expensive ad not every parent can afford it. The teachers work is disturbed as well. The student will still need to study, so teacher might need to take some extra classes after suspending. In short, this punishment really can cause a lot of problems for many involved sides.

Does at least this punishment work? Actually, the studies show that in most cases students don’t learn anything from this punishment and keep braking the rules. Especially younger students who don’t understand the consequences of this punishment, don’t learn anything. Student is the one who suffers the less from suspending, at least in exact moment. Student don’t have to go to school and it is almost like a spring break for him. As it was mentioned before, the ones who suffer the most are the parents and teachers. Yes, suspending, does affect the student’s future, but that will be important only for those students who already have some future dreams and ambitions. The students that have behavioral problems usually don’t have any of it. So, what else can be done to punish the student, but not in such inconvenient way?

The newest method is disciplinary programs. Those are programs which teaches students tolerance and good behavior. Those are extra classes in which students can learn about ethics. The psychologist is working with students in these programs to reach best results. It is a lot more likely that student will learn something in this kind of program and also it will be a lot more unpleasant for younger students. It is a punishment that really can fix a problem not just avoids it.

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